Chocolate Games

Each person throws the dice in turn. If you throw a six, put on the hat, scarf and gloves. With the knife and fork you are free to eat as much chocolate as possible before somebody else throws a six. This carries on until all the chocolate has been eaten. The aim is to obtain as much chocolate as possible. This game is particularly popular with the group – to be fair, anyone who likes chocolate is usually more than happy to play!

Walking for Health Timetable for Aug/Sept 2019

Beechtree Community Centre
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Walking for Health  – Free of charge

Aug 21st Long Walk (90mins)
Aug 28thShort Walk (45mins)
Sept 4th Short Walk (90Mins)
Sept 11th Long Walk (45mins)                                                                                  Sept 18th Short Walk (90mins)

Meeting place as usual Civic Centre Foyer 10am Set off time.Sensible footwear and appropriate clothing for weather forecasted.
Contact Wendy at Beechtree Community Centre for further information 01948 258220