Healthy Cooking

We came to the end of our first run of healthy cooking sessions last Friday and the course was a great success with an 83% completion rate. Five out of the six original starters completed and of the original six,three were Meres and Mosses tenants. They made a pea and mushroom risotto, mexican quinoa, bean and soy chilli,chickpea and cauliflower curry,sweet and sour turkey,sausage and bean casserole. Only two of the meals included animal protein (Sweet and sour turkey & butter in the risotto), the rest were free of meat,dairy and eggs. It was interesting to see the trepidation at a lack of animal turn into pleasant surprise as they smelled what they were cooking and tasted the delicious end product.The point of this is to change perceptions that are ingrained in us all and to give people the tools to help themselves make an impact into their health and wellbeing before they end up in the NHS system.Judging by the feedback,we have opened a few minds and increased some energy levels ! Also the social aspect of the course should not be underestimated.The participants said they now have the confidence to cook for themselves at home, have a better understanding of nutrition,eat more healthly by increasing the pertions of fruit and vegetables they eat each day,and save money.Some quotes from the feedback questionaires…..”I feel good,everything is better””I’ve prepped and cooked foods i haven’t used before,Ifeel healthier and my gut is feeling better””This course has really made a difference…more energy…its very worthwhile,very well done and the chef is informative””I feel I have more energy,having help cooking makes me a better cook””Liked meeting new friends- good food makes you feel good”A huge thankyou to Meres and Mosses for making this possible and to the Foodbank for helping to keep costs down with donations of beans,chickpeas,chopped tomatoes and rice.