Employability support



We help those furthest away from employment gain the skills and experience they need to get into work. We provide access to a wide and diverse range of volunteering opportunities, enabling more disadvantaged people to move into further education or training having acquired basic skills, increased confidence and motivation through participation in  activities.

Participants can self refer or be referred by the Job Centre or other agencies.  Contact Engagement Officer Deborah Spiers for more information on 01948 258220 or email deborah@btcc.org.uk


Help to gain confidence and feel better about yourself

Are you unemployed or on benefits and looking for ways to support your well-being in everyday life? We are offering an 11-week course starting on Tuesday 12 January for a small group of six participants where you can discover five ways to well-being. Do you want to feel supported and better about yourself? Do you want to be healthier and and learn something new? Do you want to be able to speak up for yourself and be better understood?

To sign up or find out more please contact us on 01948 258220 or email info@btcc.org.uk

Are you looking to get back into work?

We offer:

  • One-to-one support – helping to set up email, register on recruitment websites and explore opportunities.
  • Support to build personal confidence/self-esteem, develop communication skills and address barriers to getting into work.
  • Social inclusion and volunteering opportunities – gardening and Walking for Health/work experience to improve social and communication skills and development of daily routines.
  • CV writing workshops and skills analysis.
  • Liaison with employers to support people in work.
  • Mock interviews – to help overcome phobias and anxieties and prepare for effective interviews.
  • Job searching and application support – access to laptops and help completing job applications.
  • Signposting/referring to external training and support programmes.

Our person-centred support is designed to meet individual needs in a friendly and encouraging environment.

We cover Whitchurch and surrounding area of North Shropshire, including Prees and Tilstock. To be eligible you must be 19+, on active benefits and  not in paid work or you must be economically inactive.

Changing lives with BBO

We are changing lives at the Beechtree on our innovative BBO programme. We have supported people into training, volunteering and employment. From a car valet to a forklift driver, a care assistant and a door supervisor, the world of work is full of opportunities in north Shropshire. With encouragement and an open minded approach, we identify and match transferable skills and these are just four of the roles we were able to fill.

We supported six people into the security industry via training provider ESP Solutions. With bursary funding, they were able to train and get their SIA licence and are all employed.

Our first trainee, Kevin works full-time and is a “credit to the industry”. He is glad to be working in his chosen career and able to provide for his family. He enjoys the variety of work and the opportunities to travel.

Security work is not for everyone but it is “a job for life” as this is one industry sector that is thriving despite the recent pandemic as the role has expanded to include “space marshalling”.

To find out more please contact our Employability Officer, Debbie Spiers on 01948 258220 or email deborah@btcc.org.uk