Session Times

Young people are welcome to come and take part in free sessions that are led by a qualified Youth Worker, Youth Support Worker and a team of volunteers. We aim to increase provision for young people to participate in regular art, music, drama, healthy cooking, computer and media activity and support young people to reach their full potential.   For any other activities suggestions are welcome – its your session.   The Young People Sessions are on Mondays 4 – 6pm for ages 10 – 11 and Thursdays from 5 – 7pm for ages 12 – 16.  There is also a Young Mens session on a Wednesday from 6-8pm .If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact me: Tom Nielsen Youth Worker T: (01948) 258220 E:   Beechtree Community Centre, Claypit Street, Whitchurch. SY13 1NT.

Treasure Hunt

The Keen Green Gardeners took part in a treasure hunt set in the community garden. Young people had to use their noggins to solve picture codes, maths skills, de-scramble texts and complete puzzles in order to win the big prizes.

The group were fantastic and worked together to complete all of the challenges in the allotted time frame. They walked away with gardening diaries, note pads and pens so that they could document their journey into the world of gardening. Well done folks!

Autumn planting

Tom has been leading youth sessions outside with our young people who have been harvesting fruit in the garden, weeding and planting spring bulbs in our planters. They have left hand drawn markers so that we know who had the “green fingers” and what is growing.

We are so glad of our outside spaces at this time that enable people to be together while maintaining social distancing guidance. Being outside in nature really helps with stress and anxiety and we have been blessed with glorious sunshine this autumn.

Youth Work now online

Digital Youth Club Zoom session

Tom has been updating Facebook with how this vital service was able to continue during lock down by setting up an online youth club.

“Working from home during lock down brought up a lot of challenges for myself, Jan, Nic and our Young Leader Sophia but we persevered and set up our very own Digital Youth Club using Zoom (which I think everyone is familier with by now!) Youth work is an essential service for many young people and we felt the need to carefully balance the needs of the public health crisis against the need to provide essential
support to young people at a time of heightened challenge.

Being back in the Centre has made me reflect on everything the Beechtree Youth Club has achieved in this time. Since the first week of lockdown we have been delivering 4 to 5 Digital Youth Club sessions a week. That’s around 20 sessions a month and to date 107 Youth Club Sessions in total during the pandemic.

The young people have enjoyed Q and A sessions, guided learning sessions with origami, experiments making slime (led by the young people) live tours of where members are, a Netflix Party, contests, quizzes and much much more!”

Tom is planning to start some small group activities soon using our community garden and following social distancing guidelines. There is plenty to be done in the garden and it is a safe place to meet and have fun together.

The Song Lab

We had an amazing time with Meldra and Jonny at the Song Lab in Birmingham.

The Song Lab is a UK based Music Production company and thanks to The Hive in Shrewsbury, we got the opportunity to take part in two song writing workshops.

In the first workshop young people got to work with two artists and write a song about a subject of their choice. The young people wanted to express themselves on the issue of bullying – something that is on the national agenda and an issue that always comes up when talking to young people about their biggest issues and concerns. Meldra, the Managing Director at the Song Lab said, ‘it was wonderful to work with the young people.’

The second workshop was the recording element where the group went to Birmingham and worked with Meldra and Jonny, the Creative Director to create the track and record the vocals. The recording session was very hands-on with young people being very involved in the session. Jonny said it was an ‘absolutely super session and ‘it was great having the young people in.’

We encouraged the group to take part and we could see the positive impact. It was so inspiring to watch the young people collaborate with the artists and start from scratch and in two afternoons come up with a song idea, melody, lyrics and turn it all around into a finished song. The young people have really expressed themselves and produced something very powerful. Sal from The Hive who was involved in the planning and organising said that ‘the song is amazing.’

I’d just like to say a big thank you to Jonny and Meldra for delivering such an amazing workshop! And a special shout out to Ian from Bronington Car Hire for getting us there and back on the day.

Tom Nielsen, Youth Worker

Summer 2019

Now that the summer holidays have finished, I’d just like to take the opportunity to say a BIG thank you and well done to all of the children and young people who have participated in Youth Work activities over the summer.

Young people spent club evenings at the centre taking part in chalk games outside, games for social and life skills, baking cakes, playing ‘Kwik’ Cricket on the park, water fights, a Rocket League Tournament (planned and organised by the young people) and the annual Summer Sizzler BBQ!

They also had the opportunity to take part in song writing workshops with The Song Lab which involved a trip to a recording studio in Birmingham. More details to follow.

The groups had a great time with one saying that the summer activities programme was lots of fun and there was even a shout from one young person who said that her favourite part of the school summer holidays was going to the Junior Monday group every week.

Tom Nielsen, Youth Worker

The Great Beechtree Bake Off

On your marks, get set … bake! The Junior Project baked cupcakes with Nic on Monday night.

The young people enjoyed making the cakes (and scoffing them all) and as you can see from Ryan’s reaction, they went down really well!

Tom Nielsen, Youth Worker

Being Healthy

The Young Men’s project enjoyed healthy eating on Wednesday night. Back by popular demand the group made BBQ Beetroot Burgers!

This year the Young Men’s group have worked really hard to promote health and well-being. Young people have taken part in various healthy cooking activities and enjoyed discussions about diet, health, body image and the risks of smoking and alcohol.

The young people said the Beetroot Burgers were great! In addition, we feel that it is vital to provide young people with a safe stimulating and educational place to socialise and have these discussions so that they can reach their full potential.

The Young Men’s group meet on a Wednesday night 6 – 8 pm at the Beechtree and is for ages 12 – 18.

Tom Nielsen, Youth Worker

Chocolate Games

Each person throws the dice in turn. If you throw a six, put on the hat, scarf and gloves. With the knife and fork you are free to eat as much chocolate as possible before somebody else throws a six. This carries on until all the chocolate has been eaten. The aim is to obtain as much chocolate as possible. This game is particularly popular with the group – to be fair, anyone who likes chocolate is usually more than happy to play!