Easter HAF 2022 – Day 4

After a great week of activities, the Easter HAF programme came to close on day 4, but what a fantastic week it had been for the children in the Whitchurch community!

The session was led by Ang, our Tutor, and supported by Linda of the Beechtree and Emma of the SYA.

The children had a great time cooking, using Easter shaped pasta pieces to make a delicious lunch, that they ate at the midway stage of the activities. Incorporated in this session there was lots of learning about fruit and vegetables, and how important they are for our health. Many questions were asked from the children surrounding this and with the weather on side, play time was announced outside where hula hooping, dancing, and floor drawing were all completed.

The Beechtree are very proud of all of the children who attended the Easter HAF programme 2022. It has been a pleasure having them with us, but this would not have been possible without the support of their families, our volunteers, Beechtree staff, and SYA. Parents/ Guradians, Sarah, Kim, Linda, Ang, Fee, Emma, a sincere thank you to all. 

On the back of such a successful programme, the Beechtree will be applying for the Summer and Winter HAF programmes in the hope that these can be ran again soon, starting August 2022.

Please keep an eye on our social media accounts as all of the information will be uploaded for you to  join us once again.

Happy Easter!