The Song Lab

We had an amazing time with Meldra and Jonny at the Song Lab in Birmingham.

The Song Lab is a UK based Music Production company and thanks to The Hive in Shrewsbury, we got the opportunity to take part in two song writing workshops.

In the first workshop young people got to work with two artists and write a song about a subject of their choice. The young people wanted to express themselves on the issue of bullying – something that is on the national agenda and an issue that always comes up when talking to young people about their biggest issues and concerns. Meldra, the Managing Director at the Song Lab said, ‘it was wonderful to work with the young people.’

The second workshop was the recording element where the group went to Birmingham and worked with Meldra and Jonny, the Creative Director to create the track and record the vocals. The recording session was very hands-on with young people being very involved in the session. Jonny said it was an ‘absolutely super session and ‘it was great having the young people in.’

We encouraged the group to take part and we could see the positive impact. It was so inspiring to watch the young people collaborate with the artists and start from scratch and in two afternoons come up with a song idea, melody, lyrics and turn it all around into a finished song. The young people have really expressed themselves and produced something very powerful. Sal from The Hive who was involved in the planning and organising said that ‘the song is amazing.’

I’d just like to say a big thank you to Jonny and Meldra for delivering such an amazing workshop! And a special shout out to Ian from Bronington Car Hire for getting us there and back on the day.

Tom Nielsen, Youth Worker